The D.C.A.C. is dedicated to providing opportunities for art and cultural development in Maryland, with a special focus on Baltimore City. These goals are realized through a wide range of art, cultural and educational programs. They included workshops, classes, exhibitions, performing arts, dance, technology, as well as educational and special events. Our programs are designed for all ages, including children, teenagers, adults and seniors. We believe that collaboration between the center and organizations that promote the development of art, education and culture are imperative to achieving our objectives. It is with this concept in mind that we partner with local artists, museums, art galleries and schools. We promote the development of the arts, with an emphasis on multicultural-ism.

Patrick Henderson, Stevie Wonder & Desi Alexander 

DCAC CEO Renny Bass with Governor Larry Hogan

DCAC Family at Baltimore's Destiny 10th Anniversary 

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Hookah & Comedy!!! Guy Torry with Stiletto, Russell Parham, Lonnie Davis & David China 

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 Michael Blackson and Wayno AmonRa

         David China, Melanie Comarcho & John Davis

 Steve McAdams, DCAC CEO Renny Bass, Gov. Larry Hogan, Imani Bass


         Downtown Cultural Arts Center (DCAC) seeks playwrights with interest in theatre production for Black Box Theatre, a new series featuring live theatre performances exploring a variety of social themes, experimental and provocative content. Each week the Black Box Theatre will showcase featured plays and expose rising artists to the community. 

Contact: Dravon James


The Carroll School of Dance


The dance program is designed to enrich participants with cultural awareness by exposing them to different traditions of civilization through the art of dance. It also allows dancers to grow, while developing their artistry and technique, in a challenging, focus and supportive environment. Our program is designed to improve:

 Physical Health-Dancing is a form of aerobic activity. It can increase children’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina.

        • Learning Skills-Dance in a setting such as our summer dance camp, help kids develop the ability to focus and understand the concept of structure. These educational skills can lead to improved academic performance.

        • Self-Confidence- Dance provides children with an outlet for expression. They begin to master new skills and become more aware of how their bodies work and move. This will have them feeling more confident in themselves.

        • Social Skills-Dance encourages social interactions through practice, choreography and teamwork. It helps children overcome shyness through fun performances held at the conclusion of our summer program.

The styles of dance we offer include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Broadway, Modern/Contemporary, African Dance and Cheer/spirit. Our objective is for your child to gradually learn all the various styles of dance. We educate them in each dance style’s background, while they are starting to develop their techniques. We most of all want them to have fun while they’re learning the art of dance.

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